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My Father's Eyes

Lord, today especially on Father’s Day, I give thanks to you for my Dad. In his eyes, I am perfect. In my eyes, he is perfect. Please bless him today and every day. Keep him healthy, safe, happy, loving and laughing. Amen.

My Faraway Dad

Lord, Father’s Day reminds me how far away I live from my father. I miss him. Technology has allowed us to stay close but there’s nothing quite like the feel of his hug. It would be so nice to be together today. Please bless him in a special way today. Amen.

The Power of Love

Lord, I know our family did not turn out to be what my father hoped for many years ago. Through all the heartbreaks, the ups and downs, his love for me never wavered. It was something I could always depend on. Please bless him today on Father’s Day for teaching me the power of love. Amen.

Without an Example to Follow

Dad, you grew up without a father of your own, yet you gave your all to us. Without an example to follow you showed immense love, kindness, generosity and faith. How blessed are we to have you as the example in our lives! May God bless you and all fathers on this day.

A Divine Commission

Dear Lord, we ask you to bless all the fathers in the world. You have given them the divine commission to be the protector, provider, and spiritual leaders of their families. Please keep guiding them in your holy ways.

My Hero

Lord, my father has spent his life in service; service to his country, his church, his employer, his community and most of all, his family. Today, on Father’s Day, bless my father for all the ways he serves your people and for being such an important role model in my life. Amen.

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